"Music is my passion, it has accompanied me for about 30 years and has lost none of its meaning for me."

I grew up in a small village in Switzerland where not much happened. At the age of 12 I really got really interested in making music when I received an old guitar from a friend. At that time bands like Guns n' Roses and Aerosmith were hip and Eric Clapton's Unplugged album was in the charts. I wanted nothing more than to be able to make music just like them. I dreamed of conquering the world with my music and rocking the big stages all over the planet. From then on my passion for guitar music burned within me.

Now, about 30 years later, I have not played on the big stages, but I compose and produce my own songs in my home studio and can pack my feelings into melodies, riffs and rhythms and that is very satisfying.


"Roger Ricks" is a solo project where I produce everything from A-Z all by myself. From vocals to guitars, from songwriting to lyrics and mixing. I can unfold me 100% and let the music express exactly what is going on inside me.


The songs are very personal, they are about my life, my relationships, my fears, my searches. It's not about being mainstream and getting as many streams and downloads as possible. It is my wish that my music gives other people exactly the power to overcome the hurdles of life, as it has helped me to survive even very drastic experiences and emerge from them stronger.

Music manages to unite cultures and overcome borders. Therefore, it is also very important to me that I can make a positive contribution to society with my music. My proceeds therefore goes to a charty project for street-connected kids in Ghana

A couple of years ago I started building my own guitars to create this unique sound that couldn't be more personal. This music is me.