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The Power of Presaving: How You Can Make a Difference with My New Charity Rock Song "Sorry"

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new charity rock song "Sorry" on January 19th 2024. This project is particularly close to my heart as it's dedicated to helping children in need, with all proceeds going to Chance for Children. Today, I want to talk about something that might seem small but is incredibly powerful in supporting this cause: presaving the song.

What Does Presaving Mean?

Presaving means you can add my upcoming song to your music library or playlist before its official release. The moment the song is out, it will automatically be in your collection, ready for you to play.

Why Is Your Presave So Important?

A Stronger Launch:

Presaves are a key indicator for streaming platforms. They signal that there's excitement and anticipation for a song, leading to better playlist placements and more visibility.

Crucial Early Impact:

The success of a song in its first few days can shape its overall journey. Your presave helps ensure a strong initial impact, vital for the song's long-term reach.

Directly Supporting a Cause:

This song isn't just a collection of notes and words; it's a call to action to support children in need. Each presave translates into greater awareness and more funds for Chance for Children.

How Can You Presave?

It's really simple:

  • Click on this presave-link.

  • Log into your streaming platform.

  • Confirm the presave.

And that's it! You've taken a meaningful step in supporting this cause.

A Personal Message from Me to You

Every presave is more than just a number; it's a voice joining the chorus for change. As an artist, I'm here to create music that moves, inspires, and makes a difference. Your support in presaving this song directly contributes to helping children who desperately need it.

The countdown to January 19th is on, and I'm filled with gratitude for each and every one of you who joins me in this journey. Together, we're not just releasing a song; we're creating waves of change.

With heartfelt thanks,

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